Fifteen-year-old Ellie the staffy has a new spring in her step thanks to a daily dose of cannabis oil under her tongue.

Old age had started to catch up with Ellie, the faithful companion of Bellambi resident Paul Lawrence; she was suffering from arthritis and glaucoma, had lost her appetite and was experiencing fitful sleep.

For Mr Lawrence, a cancer survivor who two years ago ditched legal painkillers in preference of medicinal cannabis, the remedy was obvious.

‘’My friends were sceptical but the results were clear. Ellie had been hobbling around, not eating or sleeping, but after starting her on cannabis oil 12 months ago she was back running up and down the backyard, her appetite had returned and she was sleeping much better.’’

Mr Lawrence said the oil he administers to his beloved pet did not contain the psycho-active compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) yet did retain cannabinoids which had therapeutic benefits.

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